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The Centre for Disruptive Technologies is a global network orchestrator. We connect disruptive ideators, thought leaders, technical experts and game-changing innovators to businesses, government, academic institutions and civil society institutions in order to create new market opportunities and bankable evidence.


At CDT, we believe in African ideation and innovation. We believe in the power of game changing ideas that can transform businesses and the African landscape. Ideas are our business and Africa transformed through the positive power of people connected by disruptive tech is our vision.


We are passionate about helping businesses  grow. Existing businesses can determine their readiness for the impact of disruptive tech by taking our Disruptor Index. We then help businesses to "future-proof" their business through our Disruptive Innovation Strategic Framework.


We've been in "stealth mode" growing our global network and developing the technology platform to connect brilliant people with pressing challenges.  We invite you to be in touch to explore how to tap into our network, or to join.

CDT & Alpha Code Collaboration
Future Crime Speaker Salon
20 June 2017, Johannesburg

We use our convening power to bring together thought leaders, experts, and disruptive ideators with industry leaders, government and civil society leaders in order to explore, exchange knowledge and information on how disruptive tech is impacting African markets and to test drive future ideas.

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